Courses and Reading Suggestions

Besides our publications, articles and interviews, we suggest these works as a basic reading:

Privacy and sensitive data protection

Book: Cyber rights: defending free speech in digital age
Author: Mike Godwin
Link: acesse aqui

Book: The Future of reputation: gossip, rumor, and privacy on the Internet
Author: Daniel Solove
Link: acesse aqui 

Book: Extraterritoriality in a Globalizing World: Regulation on Data Privacy
Author: Gregory Shaffer
Link: acesse aqui

Book: Resolving Conflicting Data Privacy Rules in Cyberspace
Author: Joel Reindenberg
Link: acesse aqui

Book: The Offensive Internet: Speech, Privacy and Reputation
Author: Saul LevMore, Martha Nussbaum
Link: acesse aqui

Book: The Potential For International Legal Approach To Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
Author: David Satola, W.J. Luddy, Jr
Link: acesse aqui

Book: Life After Sarbanes-Oxley: the merger of information security and accountability
Author: Bruce Nearon, Jon stanley, Steven Teppler
Link: acesse aqui

Book: Beyond Our Control Confronting the limits of our legal system in the age of cubersapace
Author: Stuart Biegel
Link: acesse aqui

Intellectual Property

Book: Promises to keep: Technology, law, and the future of entertainment
Author: Willian W. Fisher III
Link: acesse aqui

Book: Direito de Autor e Liberdade de Informação
Author: Alexandre Libório Dias Pereira
Link: acesse aqui

Book: How to Fix Copyright
Author: Willian Patry
Link: acesse aqui

Book: Moral Panics and Copyright Wars
Author: William Patry
Link: acesse aqui

Book: The Generative Internet
Author: Jonathan Zittrain
Link: acesse aqui

Book: Fair Use
Author: Julie Ahrens
Link: acesse aqui

Online Consumer

Book: The cost of reading privacy policies
Author: Aleecia McDonald, Lorrie Faith Cranor
Link: acesse aqui

Book: International Jurisdiction over consumer Contracts in e-Europe
Author: Joaquim ST Orem
Link: acesse aqui

Book: The Crepping Codification of New Lex Mercatoria
Author: Klaus Peter Berger
Link: acesse aqui

Book: Comércio Eletrônico na Sociedade da Informação
Author: Alexandre Libório Dias

Book: Les Contrats du Commerce Electrinique
Author: Michel Vivant

Book: Contratto negozio e lex mercatoria tra autonomia ed eteronomia
Author: Lucio Franceze

Book: Eletronic Commerce
Author: Ronald Mann
Link: acesse aqui