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Dra. Patricia is recognized for her performance in #ComplianceDigital

As a result of her more than 18 years of experience in a new legal thinking that encompasses risk management, governance, legal compliance and reputation protection, Dr. Patricia Peck Pinheiro was elected “Top of Mind” in the Digital Compliance category at the award held by LEC Legal, Ethics & Compliance.

“I thank all my colleagues and market clients for this recognition and use the words of a great philosopher who is very fond of paying tribute to all of you: ‘Do what is right. The rest will come by itself, ‘Goethe,’ the lawyer quotes.

The founding partner of Peck Advogados, an office specialized in Digital Law, was mentioned by the members of the LEC Community as one of the outstanding professionals in the area of ​​Digital Compliance. After being among the finalists of the second edition of the Award, it was elected by more than 650 professionals attending the 6th International Compliance Congress, held May 8-10 in São Paulo. It is another important recognition for the lawyer and her team who work on a strategic vision in understanding and solving the challenges faced by users of digital technologies and services.